Here you will find products for all your smudging needs! from sensational sage to the pious palo santo we've got it all - for those who are new to smudging, don't worry! we've got you too! - Keep reading to discover what smudging is and what you can use as smudging tools


What is smudging?

Smudging is the act of burning cleansing herbs and incense such as sage, lavender, frankincense, Palo Santo and much more within an area to assist in moving stagnant energies, banishing bad vibes and inviting positive intentions and energies into your space.

What I can use ?

There are many types of incense used for smudging, the most common of these are white sage, blue sage and Palo Santo,. However there are many different varieties of incense that can be burned and each has its own special properties and specific uses! For those just starting out or wanting to start fresh we recommend burning sage to clear any existing negative stagnant vibes as well as the positive ones. WAIT?! the positive ones too? yes the positive ones too, doing this gives you a clean pure base to work from. After a sage burn you can burn Palo Sant to invite positive energies into your freshly cleansed space.

Of course a  sage cleanse can be done alone as can other types of smudging rituals, they are a great tool and can be helpful if you are feeling weighed down and stuck!